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Kellner Pediatric Liver Foundation 10th Anniversary

Any way you describe it, ten years is a milestone. 2015 is both the 10th anniversary of Raphael Kellner’s life-sustaining liver transplant and the 10th anniversary of the Kellner Pediatric Liver Foundation. For us, it has been a decade of being thankful, feeling blessed and looking forward. We are particularly grateful to Dr. Sukru Emre, who saved Raphael’s life and the lives of many other children. Dr. Emre, a world-renowned expert in adult and pediatric liver transplantations, has performed more such operations and brings his skill and compassion to every patient and family. Dr. Emre has everything to do with our being able to celebrate these two magnificent milestones and it is with great pleasure that we honored him with this tribute at our 10th annual fundraiser on March 5th 2015.

American Liver Foundation – Thomson Family Video – Jax Schindler

The American Liver Foundation is on a mission to facilitate, support and research the prevention, treatment and cure of liver disease. Heather Thomson, founder and CCO of Yummie by Heather Thomson, is a valued advocate for the American Liver Foundation. Thomson personally experienced the impact when her son Jax, at 3 months old, was diagnosed with biliary artesia. Heather Thomson’s son received a liver transplant and is a success story because of a donor. “There are 30 million people out there with liver disease today that need the help, the funding, the research, all of the things that the organization like American Liver Foundation lends…” Heather Thomson

Heather Thomson chats on Live From The Couch

April is Organ Donation month and Heather Thomson sits with Live From The Couch to discuss the benefits of donating! Saving lives is something that is near and dear to Heather’s heart as her son is a liver transplant survivor!